Just Around the Corner


We’re nearly done.  The floors and walls are painted, the tables are ready, the kitchen is being organized. A new slab is awaiting the grain silo that arrives soon.  But perhaps most importantly, we’re awaiting a few final inspections before we begin the first test-brew next week!  The boiler is already online and fired up.


With the indoor portion of the Tap Room and Brewery nearing completion, we’re taking aim at Phase 2: the outdoor beer garden.  Robert Horner is the artist/architect behind the design which will transform this space:


into this:

Please note: there will not be seating available ON the silo...

It will be a relaxing, comfortable spot to enjoy a few fine beers and a light meal.  And you’ll be able to rent the garden for private parties.  Notice with the gate how we’re rolling a little of The HUB‘s bike theme down the hill, too.  (If you didn’t know, Harmon Brewing loves bikes.)

While the Tap Room will be opening in a few short weeks, the beer garden will come together another month or so afterwards.  Check back soon for details about our Grand Opening!


One Response to “Just Around the Corner”

  1. Cathy Says:

    I love the design for the outdoor beer garden looks very nice

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