Tap Room Update: Tables and Gardens and Kegs


Much of the interior painting of the Tap Room is done and we’re just weeks away from our soft opening.  The enormous fir slab table tops of our communal-seating area have been mated with their steel bases.  These are not your average pub tables, folks.  We mean business.


The City of Tacoma has given their nod to proceed with formal design of the Tap Room’s outdoor beer garden.  Robert M. Horner, artist for Tacoma’s Urban Waters project, will be providing the vision to transform the adjacent gravel lot into a comfortable dining area complete with growing hop vines and art installations amidst a 20′ tall grain silo.  We’re really excited to reclaim this empty space as part of our brewery oasis here in the Stadium district.

Speaking of brewing, we’re busy stockpiling new kegs to contain all of the beer we’ll soon be crafting.  Not only will we offer all of our flagship beers and seasonals by the pint or pitcher, the Tap Room will be Harmon Brewing’s primary location for purchasing beer-to-go, whether that be in 22 oz bottles, half-gallon growler jugs, or kegs.

Feel free to peek in the windows or check back here for more updates – Cheers!


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