Our New Look

With the new Harmon Tap Room and Brewery nearing completion, and plans to take our beers to tap handles throughout the Puget Sound region, we felt it was time to update the Harmon brand.  Tacoma’s creative design powerhouse Rusty George Creative spearheaded the effort with a soup-to-nuts approach, which is showcased at our newly redesigned website harmonbrewingco.com.  You’ll be seeing this new look resonate at our three dining facilities, as well as on our 22 oz. bottles of Harmon Ale and (soon) tap handles at your local watering hole.

While the signs and the labels are new, we will still be focusing on brewing the tasty, award-winning, craft beer that we’re known for.  Our new brewery at 204 St. Helens will focus production on our most popular flagship ales. With every passing day we get closer to firing up that new 30 bbl system, which will churn out unheralded volumes of Point Defiance IPA and Browns Point ESB for your consumption and enjoyment.

Our Brewer and Brewery Construction Guru, Bill Lundeen, says  it’s all “Go, go, go!” right now.  The piping and electrical are coming along nicely and there’s already bit of color on some of the Tap Room walls.  Among other details, we’re currently awaiting the arrival of the auger that will move grain from our outside silo into the brewhouse.



Most recently we brought in (and very quickly set down) two enormous, 4″ thick wooden slabs.  These salvaged fir tablets of solid timber were milled at Wood Wise in Olalla, owned by Joe Neal.  They will become the tops for two long bench tables in our main seating area so that you’ll be able to easily get the whole gang together to share pitchers and laughs.



It appears our quality control folks have already tested them for table-dancing properties!  Keep checking back here for more updates as we get closer to opening day.  Until then, leave us a comment to let us know what you think of the new designs.  Cheers!


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One Response to “Our New Look”

  1. Mike Says:

    Very nice branding update. I like the vertical type on the bottle labels. I recall, years ago, Hogue Winery having great success with that approach as there was literally nothing else on the shelf like it. Cheers!

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